A Guide to foods rich in calcium

Calcium-Rich Foods

Healthy living is the dream of every person on this planet, but for some reason, most of us are not living an ordinary life. Reasons are many but the essential element in our diet. Most people never take care of their food routine and eat junk or unhealthy meal. We used to take canned and preserved food and drinks that make our bodies weak and dull. People are also complaining about different diseases and symptoms that take them to the dark side.

For example, if you love a soft drink, it will become the reason for many deficiencies in your body after some time. As a result, the body gets weak and unable to resist viruses. The people who never eat a planned diet must lose their charm and beauty early. So, it is very important to follow the instructions of the experts.

For the best health of teeth and bones, calcium intake is essential because it can give rigidity and strength to them. The human body contains approximately 1 kg of Calcium in mineral forms, and 99% of the total is found in teeth and bones. The best way of calcium intake is through diet, and if you add some calcium-rich foods to routine food, it will cover the calcium deficiency.

If we consider Calcium as the most important for our body, this statement would be correct. A proper amount of calcium minerals in our body helps in nerve signaling, muscle function, bone making, and tooth health.

How much daily intake is required?

The RDI (recommended daily intake) is different according to age and gender. Females must take Calcium in the mentioned quantity because they are the ones who need it a lot. It is essential to plan calcium contain nutrition to be young and robust. Many calcium awareness programs for females are operating where the government gives them free calcium samples, diet plans of Calcium-rich foods, and other facilities, so every woman takes advantage and becomes healthy.

Here we must add the required quantity of the people with different age groups:

  1. Adults of any gander:     1000 mg per day
  2. kids of 4-18 must take:  1300mg per day
  3. females of 50-70 take:   1200 mg per day

For more details of Calcium-rich foods for kids, we are adding a chart for your assistance.

Calcium Chart  For 6 Month To 5 Year

For the children up to 4 years and elders, we are going to create a table where you can check the age and required calcium intake for a proper and balanced diet.

Table of Daily RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake)*

Age GroupsQuantity Per Day
4-6 years450mg
7-10 years550mg
11-18 years boys1000mg
11-18 years girls800mg
Adults (19+) years700mg
Pregnant women700mg
Breastfeeding women700mg + 550mg

According to the experts, a large population of people never takes care of their diet and nutrition; they get calcium deficiency that leads them towards different severe diseases. People think that only dairy items contain a rich amount of Calcium, but it’s not true. If you take the assistance of the expert, you will get to know that many non-dairy products are calcium-rich foods. The best dairy products for healthy living are including:

  1. Milk
  2. Cheese
  3. Yogurt

Non-dairy products including:

  1. Seafood
  2. Leafy greens
  3. Legumes
  4. Dried fruit
  5. Tofu etc.

Let’s discuss them for your assistance:



If we have to give the title to seeds for their benefits, we can call them nutritional powerhouses. They are one of the best non-dairy sources of high Calcium and top of the list of Calcium-rich foods. You must add seeds to your routine diet, and we have some fantastic options for you, including:

  1. Sesame
  2. Poppy
  3. Celery
  4. Chia seeds

You can choose any of the seeds mentioned above and make delicious Calcium containing food. They are not only rich in Calcium but also full of healthy fats and proteins.

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Who else does not like cheese? Even the kids love it the most. Most food experts prefer to add cheese to your diet, no matter what flavor and type of cheese you are taking. Cheese is providing 0% of Calcium and is one of the best dairy products.

Many kinds of cheese also contain proteins like:

  1. Cottage cheese
  2. Mozzarella cheese etc

Cheese has many other benefits, like it can decrease the risk of cardiac arrest. So, you must add some good and healthy fats to your diet and Cheese is one of them.

Canned Salmon and Sardines:

Both of these canned foods are including in calcium-rich food because of their edible bones. The fish oil is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids; therefore, the experts always prefer to add them to your diet or nutrition. It will be beneficial for your skin, heart, and brain with its unique characteristics.

Lentils and beans:

If you need fibers, proteins, and Calcium in your diet, don’t forget to add lentils and beans to your food. Calcium-rich foods boost your energy levels because they have a specific amount of iron and potassium. You can make lentil and bean soups or add beans to your healthy vegetable salad. Well, choices are many, but you have to make some efforts to make it yummy.


Nuts are very good for brain functions, and they are highly recommended for kids and adults. A hand full of almonds is enough for a day. Moreover, different nuts are recommended, but amounts have more quantity of Calcium that can fulfill the daily dose of Calcium in your body.

Leafy Greens:

If you follow the healthy living means, then you must have leafy greens in your diet plan. They are the best source of iron, so when you start eating these greens, they will boost your energy levels and reduce iron deficiency.

You can take the following greens:

  1. collard greens
  2. spinach
  3. kale

The other notable calcium-rich foods including:

  1. Rhubarb
  2. Edamame and Tofu
  3. Fortified Drink
  4. Figs
  5.  Milk
Calcium Milk

Long story short, you must understand the importance of calcium-rich foods in your life. From today, you have to add different dairy and non0dairy items to your diet. Take a step towards healthy living and get rid of all the unhealthy means. For accurate measurement and portion, you can consult the food experts, and they will help you measure the required portion of daily intake.

For kids and adults, the daily intake is different, but if you prepare calcium-rich foods for the whole family, it will reduce the deficiencies of the entire family.
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