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How Can I Safely Proof My House with a Baby?

Every parent is anxious and excited to bring their young one home from the hospital. But is your house prepared to welcome a toddler?

Just as you altered your way of living to make sure that the baby reaches this world safely, your home also needs alterations in most areas to give a safe and sound environment for the kid to grow.

You need to give careful attention to things that did not matter to you before. Worrying comes naturally with the responsibility of taking care of a baby, but we are here to make sure that this worry does not get over your head. 

We are here to put an end to all your questions and show you 7 easy tips for babyproofing your house.

Precautions For The Stairs

Once your kid starts crawling, you won’t be able to take as much rest as you took before. You will be on your foot all the time, making sure that the innocent soul is not in any trouble.

Stairs are one such area in the house that are a threat to your child’s safety. To maintain a safe staircase, you need to take these safety steps:

  • Do some carpeting on the stairs. It will provide a cushion if the young one tumbles on them.
  • Wipe away any spills as soon as you see them. 
  • Put a barrier that stops your kid from going up or down the stairs. 
  • Cover the side railings properly.
  • Use extra lighting on stairs to ensure that your kid can see clearly.
How Do You Make Stairs Safer for Kids?

Baby Proofing The Nursery

Every parent spends days trying to figure out the best decorations for their child’s nursery. From the color of walls to the baby’s cot, you want everything to be perfect for your little soul. 

Decorating the room is important but not as important as keeping it safe for the child. Keeping a baby monitor is the first thing you need to do to ensure that the baby is constantly under your observation. 

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Make sure that the crib is child-friendly, meaning it is not painted with anything that has a bad smell, which can make the child uncomfortable. Make sure you opt for long-sided baby cribs that will prevent your baby from falling. 

Putting locks on the windows may seem a far-fetched safety measure for a toddler, but it is necessary. Kids take very little time in growing and end up crawling or walking. To stay ahead of things, make sure that you opt for the best windows for your home, and they are bolted properly so that a kid cannot open them.

What a Safe Nursery Looks Like

Turn The House Into A Shock free Zone

Children’s curious nature makes the house their playground where they want to experience and explore everything that comes into their sight. But in hindsight of this curiosity, don’t let them put themselves in danger.

Every parent tries to understand what attraction electrical sockets and tangled wires send to a kid’s way that they cannot stop themselves from putting their fingers in the socket or playing with the cables. 

To set your mind at ease, put covers on the socket to prevent your toddler from reaching them and getting electrified. As a parent, you need to make sure that there are no open wires in the areas reachable for a kid. Use wire connectors for a perfect seal if you see a damaged cable.

  How Do You Use a Heat Seal Wire 

Kitchen – The Red Zone

Many parents prefer taking their kids with them while they do the routine kitchen chores. The thought behind this is to keep the young ones under observation in front of their eyes. But for babies, it is just like coming out of the frying pan and into the fire. 

How? The answer lies in a plethora of dangers that the kitchen contains within its walls. A moment of negligence can cause severe problems. To avoid any unfortunate occurrence, every parent needs to do the following measures

  • Put knives away from the reach of the child.
  • Keep the electrical appliances behind locks.
  • Bolt the cupboards.
  • Keep the child away from the stove and fire.
  • Ensure the toddler has access to child-friendly utensils made of plastic because glassware is dangerous around a kid and can hurt badly.
Kitchen - The Red Zone

Baby Proofing The Bathroom

Although the babies have limited access to the bathroom but whatever little opportunity they get, they will try to make the most of it by creating a mess and eventually putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

Wondering how to stop them? Well, you can try to stop them, but the better approach is to make bathrooms child-friendly.

Here’s what you need to do. Get rid of the iron curls or at least put them in a heightened place. They are hot and dangerous for kids. 

Moving further, invest in getting a toilet lid lock. That toilet seat is dirty, but your child loves splashing his hands in it, which can raise many health issues. So do the needful and put a lock on it.

Are you used to putting razors on the bathroom shelf? Well, not anymore. The sharp blades need to be put away behind closed cabinets. Similarly, the household poisons like detergents, toilet and floor cleaners are no more shelf products, rather let them grace the bolted cupboards. 

How do you baby proof a bathroom?

Around The House Baby Proofing Measures

A child is a free runner who learns to walk and run by falling again and again. Being a parent, you need to take steps that provide a more safe playing ground for him or her. 

Start from the coffee table. When you have a toddler, you need to make sure that he cannot reach the contents placed on the tabletop. Avoid getting sharp-edged tables or if you already have them, then put rubber covers on the edges to prevent the baby from getting hurt.  

Make sure that the furniture in the living room is child-friendly. For example, a Television stand needs to be strong enough not to wobble when shaken by a child.

The fireplace should be properly covered with a barrier, and the matchsticks be kept out of the baby’s reach.

At What Age Should You Start Baby Proofing?

Bottom Line

With a toddler in the house, you have to be on your toes 24/7. A slight moment of carelessness can create severe problems. But to avoid any unfavorable incidents, certain safety protocols need to be followed. If you are a couple that is expecting a baby, then it is better to start the preparations as early as possible and while doing them remember the points made above.

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