12 Inspiring Ways You Can Announce Your Pregnancy To Grandparents

Announce Your Pregnancy To Grandparents

Telling about your pregnancy to your loved ones is one of the most awaited moment for every married woman out there. Isn’t it? Well, we know you would agree with me on this. 

Becoming a parent is not only a blessing but also a blissing to share with your family members, especially with your grandparents. No doubt, you will see an unfading smile on your grandparents’ faces when you surprise them with the most happening news of the year (of course, it would). 

You will hear them talking about how they will celebrate the arrival of a baby. Besides, they will make an endless list of activities which they have planned to do with their new family member. 

Excited? The same case is here!

If you really want to experience all of this, tell this lovely news in a way that they will appreciate. Below, we have gathered some ideas for you. (But, before you announce, here is a tip: record their expressions with your hidden camera, so you all can enjoy the memory later.)

Check them to know more

1. Sometimes, Scratching Coupons Help

Since the trend of DIYing is ruling, a person can get plenty of options to announce the pregnancy. One of them is coupons. Amazingly, you can DIY your coupon scratch card (in which you hide the sweet message) and give it your grandparents along with some chocolates. Ask them to scratch the card and read the printed text loudly. 

2. Involve Your Crawling Babies Or Home Pets

You can also involve your first child or a little pet in this chore. All you need to do is to hang a little note card to their neck, showing a message of “elder brother” or “bigger sister,” then let them move in the home. Interestingly, your grandparents will automatically notice the hanging card. On reading the note, they may jump off the couch with amazement. 

Are we exaggerating the situation? Never mind! Of course, they wouldn’t jump off their chairs, but their level of excitement will exactly the same.
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3. Bake Some Fortune Cookies For Them

Do something different! You are good at baking, and cookies are your grandparents’ favorites. Make the divine fortune cookies and hide the same message “I am expecting” in all of them. When you offer them these cookies, you can get a quick view of their blushing faces when they get a hint to the news hidden into the delicious cookies. 

4. Attach Sonogram Photograph With The Card

The sonogram is the ultrasound photo provided by the doctor in which your pregnancy status is shown clearly. To surprise your lovely grandparents, just get a baby-welcoming card and staple the sonogram photo inside it. Later, present the card to them and let them do the guessing game. In no time, you will find them crying out of happiness.

5. Open Up Your News With The Help Of Gifts

For some, it’s a very perplexing situation. If you are one of those, then don’t worry! Still, you can convey a message by bringing amazing presents for grandpa. Are you confused again? Well, let’s understand this with an example. 

You can attach a note with their eyeglasses holder or put a picture of a random newborn baby in the locket you are gifting to them. See, it is “that” easy.

6. Simply Tell Them By Creating Suspense

Just go to your parent(grandparent)s’ home (no matter where they live) and amaze them with your sudden arrival. Next, start with a casual talk, and gradually connect some events, create suspense, and finally tell them the news. You will see them standing still for a minute, and then they may cry, of course, with the feeling of being blessed. 

7. Mark The Date On Their Calendar

You know your grandparents never forget to look at their calendar every day to know the date. Without letting them know, mark their calendar with the expected due date of the baby’s arrival and let them speculate the occasion attached to it. When they raise their both hands, saying, “you won.” Then, break the news and see the excitement on their face. Yes, kids do help elders in reducing stress.

8. Wear Anything Disclosing The Message

Are you visiting your lovely grandma and grandpa? Don’t forget to wear something like a cap or a t-shirt to divulge your pregnancy news. The cap can have a message like “New Dad” or “Mommy-to-be” or get a shirt on which a message of “I can’t keep calm because I am expecting” is imprinted. Interesting! Right?

9. Pregnancy Announcements News In A Poetic Way

At times, when you feel like doing nothing, you may need words to support you while revealing the news. For example, you can tell this in a very poetic way. To make it happen, remember a poem (that would match perfectly with your situation) – say-it-all to your grandparents in a melodious voice and examine if they have judged it right. One good example is: “Roses are red; Violets are blue. Baby (name) ‘s arrival is due.”

10. Play A Game & Break The News

Grandparents love to play different, entertaining games with their grandchildren. So, play puzzle games like scrabble and let them connect words to words. By doing so, in your turn, you may astonish them with a message of “I am pregnant” by connecting words. You never know, they may declare an unopposed victory for you on knowing this wonderful news.
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11. Paint A Onesie For Grandparents

Be practical and do exactly what you want. Take out your plain white onesie from the storage and paint it with a message like, “I am excited to meet my grandparents” or “Will you be my grandparents.” Later, pack it, give it to your elderly parents, and fill their hearts with tranquility. Don’t forget to film their blushing smile on finding it out.

12. Arrange A Dinner & Announce The Date

For grandparents, the news of the arrival of their grandchildren is bigger than any other news. Call upon your parents, grandparents, and other family members on the grand family meetup (feast) and break the news by disclosing the expected date there. However, they will forget to eat or have gulps after that for some time.  Still, when the food will be served, they would munch it in a happy mood while gossiping about a baby. 

Bottom line:

We hope these ideas would help you in revealing the news to the grandparents in a more profound way. The elderly parents love you, so they will definitely be more excited about the news of the next generation entering the lot soon in which they could see a smaller version of you. How sweet!

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