6 Toys Your Kid Should Play With For Early Childhood Development

what is cognitive development in early childhood

Kids are the blessing that the couple can wish for. When you have kids – your way of looking towards life changes. You want to do things for your kids without asking for any kind of reward. As a parent, you always want to give your child all the necessities and facilities in the world. No matter your kid is a boy or a girl – he/she will play with toys.

Recreational accessories for kids can make your kid grow physically and mentally. Now the question is, what sort of toys should you hand over to your kid? Remember one thing; toys have a great impact on a child’s personality. Rather than giving some ordinary toys to them, make sure you go for toys that can increase their mental and motor skills. If you are looking to buy some toys for your kids, and you don’t know what to buy, here is a toy guide to making your kid intelligent and smart:

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car

Your kid should’ve played with some normal and ordinary remote-control cars, but have you ever given your child a remote-control wall climbing car? If not, go and get that car for your kid to enjoy a ride he can operate from a distance of 40 ft. A remote-control wall climbing car can surely make your child think “How on earth is the car running on the wall?” and that’s how you start boosting his motor and mental skills.

The car can be operated from a fair distance and is rechargeable.

 Puzzle Games For Kids

Do you want your kid to be intelligent and mentally sharp? If yes, make sure you bring some puzzles for your kids to solve. Rather than giving some ordinary toys to your kid – go for the toys that can make him develop his cognitive skills in the best possible fashion.

Puzzles can be a great toy for your kids because not only will your kid play with them, but these puzzles will also increase their logical thinking and prepare them to deal with issues in their adulthood.

How cool will it be when your kid makes you remember about “Sherlock Holmes” with his logical thinking and problem-solving skills?

1 Blocks and Construction Sets

Building blocks is one of the most ingenious ways of improving your kid’s hand-eye coordination. Although your kid will only play with those blocks at the beginning, a day will come when he starts understanding about those blocks and construction sets.

Kids are blessed with excellent imaginative skills – you as parents have to improve your kid’s skills to help them become artists in the future. With the help of his imaginations, he will start creating buildings, vehicles, animals, and much more. Just provide your kids with enough opportunities to grow as children, and they will surely do wonders in their lives.

2 Science Toys Diy

One of the best ways to make your child learn about a specific thing is to make him play with that stuff. Science toys are great if you want your children to be geniuses in their lives. When a kid plays with those toys, it promotes his sense of discovery.

Moreover, science toys can improve your child’s problem-solving skills, and some of the best science toys for your kids are chemistry sets, telescopes, etc.Making a child play with those science toys help them develop their imaginations and science skills. If you feel your kid is more attracted to arts than science – go for artistic toys. 

3 Tons of Art and Craft Ideas

Every kid, when born, is an artist. It is up to you how much you are willing to do for your kids to polish their artistic skills. Motor skills are one of the skills that have to be there in your kid if you want him to be mentally active and smart. If you think your kid has an artistic nature – let him play with arts and crafts and make him draw pictures and paintings.

One of the coolest toys for an artistic kid is a safety scissor, so he can cut and paste without any interruption. Toys related to arts and crafts can make your kid creative, and it will foster self-esteem too in your child. 

4 Jump Rope Workout

You must be thinking how on earth a jump rope can make a child mentally active and sharp, right?  Let us tell you how it works. Buy a skipping or a jumping rope for your kid and teach him how to skip the rope at the right moment. Jumping at the right moment will surely require 100% coordination of the brain, and this is where you will be able to make your child develop motor and problem-solving skills.

Not only will your child be mentally sharp and smart, but that’s a way of teaching your kid how to take turns in your life (when necessary).

5 Card & Board Games

To win card and board games, one needs to have a perfect strategy and a great plan. Give your kids card and board games as toys to make them strategically sound. The best card games are “war” and “crazy eight.”Both these games will teach your kid to think like a turn-taker. Kids often don’t know how to control their emotions, and these games are ideal for keeping their emotions in their control.

Winning and losing is a part of the game – one has to be courageous to congratulate his opponent even in the worst possible scenario.These cards and board games will definitely open their minds and make them congenitally strong.

6 Musical Instruments For Children To Learn

Smart kids should play and do different things in their childhood. One of the out-and-out toys for your kid could be the musical instruments. Learning to play those musical instruments is not easy at all, and if you teach them how to play those instruments from their childhood, they can be musicians one day.

Music is something that keeps your mind at peace, and the kid who is playing musical instruments can develop their fine motor skills. Give musical instruments in the form of toys, and once your kid grows up – hand him over original instruments.


Let your kids grow mentally and let them enjoy their childhood because childhood is the golden day of anybody’s life. Make sure your children don’t get bored; otherwise, there will be negative impacts on their personality. Make sure even when your kid is playing, he is learning things that can help him be a smart man in the future.

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