Surprise Your Girlfriend On A Vacation – 10 Things To DO For Your Valentine

How to Surprise My Girlfriend with a Holiday

February, the month of love, affection, and romance, is around the corner, and your gal is excited because, why not! Girls love surprises and happening gestures the most, especially when it’s about showing your feelings to them, but they seldom demand. Right? We know it is.

Do you want to surprise your love-lady, who has induced a fire of love in your heart and given you wings to fly in the sky of the perpetual bond? Again, you must be nodding your head in yes.  

This time, startle her with a vacation, which is indeed one of the best surprise ideas for a girlfriend, and celebrate Valentine’s day as you have never rejoiced before. Find here 10 cute things to do with your girlfriend and make her jump out of her skin with excitement. 

Astonishing Ways To Surprise Your Girlfriend Before & On Vacation

Here, check amazing tricks and thank us later:

1. Get Along With Her While Packing Things Up

Spend as much time as possible together and relish listening to the love melody echoes in the air. You both know the date of departure, so gird up your loins, make a list of things to carry, pack every needed gadget and essential, and enjoy the heck out. Let’s suppose if you are visiting a beach, you should have a towel, sandals, sunblock, and other such items for a perfect beach day. 

2. Design Interesting Activities To Make Her Say Wow

One of the romantic surprises your girlfriend is to plan her each day at the place, keeping the fun-factor, enthusiasm, entertainment, and thrill in mind—activities like skydiving, paddle boarding, hiking, bungee jumping, slacklining, and ice karting will definitely carry out peals of laughter resonating in the surrounding.

3. Visit Romantic Places Holding Her Hand 

Usually, girls live in fantasy and desire to treat like Disney princesses. Isn’t it true? Well, you know it. Let’s bring their dream into reality by visiting all the romantic places. Keep in mind to hold her hand so that she can feel special. Plus, when you both explore different routes and streets, make sure to tell something very romantic. You never know her shy smile will make you stand still for a while. 

Visit Romantic Places Holding Her Hand

4. Keep Showering Her With Benevolent Gifts

Don’t forget thoughtful gifts for your girlfriend on this vacation. Practical expressions of love take the beauty of the relationship to the next level, and you probably don’t want to miss the chance of winning her heart all over again.

5. Arrange A Dinner Date & Get Lost In Each Other’s Eyes

For a couple, a quixotic dinner date is like a cherry on the cake. You might be thinking how? For this, imagine! You and your girlfriend dine out daily, but you both decide to do something different for dinner one day. How do you do it? You would wear your tuxedo suit, and your lovely girl will come in her sexy red dress. The first look will induce the feeling of butterflies dancing in your tummy. Next, you both would look into each other’s eyes and do as Romans do. 

6. Dance Like You Are The Only Couple Present On Dance Floor

How can you forget to visit the dance club when your heart beats like a drum (because of love), and you both can’t stop yourself from dancing to every single tune? Just go there and move your legs like nobody is watching you. The only way to have fun at a dance club is to get involved with your girl and enjoy the moves, closeness, and songs altogether. 

7. Plan A Secret Trip To Her Dreamland

Does your girl love talking about a place she has never been before and eagerly waiting for a time when she would visit that place? If yes, then make it happen for her this year and plan a tour to that romantic place, either it is Venice in Italy, Istanbul in Turkey, or some other spot; make sure to keep it a mystery. Don’t unveil the clues for a surprise trip before time, as it can spoil the whole enjoyment factor.

8. Surprise Her In The Morning With Tickets

Morning is the best time to reveal a surprise vacation location in the most mesmerizing way. For instance, place some red roses along with the card containing Valentine’s day quotes for her and, of course, the tickets (but not opened). Wrap up the tickets in a box containing chocolates (the signature sweet of valentines), or simply hide them in the newspaper. Let her wake up to this and record her expressions while she opens the surprise.
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9. Capture The Cuddles, Kisses & Secure Them In Memory Book

Do you want to keep this trip alive in both of your memories for good? Who else don’t! We recommend you click some unforgettable pictures with your partner at remarkable places. The camera’s eye should capture the laughter, eye contact, physical closeness, and even the tiniest emotion of yours to cherish later. Just gather all these reminiscences and lock them in a scrapbook. 

10. Finally, Valentine’s Day Has Arrived! So, Propose Her!

Don’t forget the most important day of all days and the most significant moment of all time, the Valentine. Do the best you can on this very special day by filling her way with flowers and go down on your knees to propose to her by asking:

“In this beautiful place, on this Valentine’s day, I want to ask you for your companionship, love, and an eternal bond. Will you be my forever Valentine?”

In the meantime, you would see her saying yes with warm tears in her eyes and contentment in her behavior. How cute? Right?

Bottom line :

Hopefully, these tips mentioned above would help you pave a path to your girl’s heart without doing something uncanny or tiring. We all have heard that the more, the merrier. So, when you do everything to show your love to her, the deeper she will fall in love with you. 

Before leaving, share what you have in your pocket for this Valentine and how you would surprise your lovely lass?

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