5 Tips for Black Women – How to Grow Long Healthy Hair

Tips For Black Women To Grow Long

Black women can grow long and healthy hair, although they are generally associated with short and stylish hair. All one has to do is treat the hair in the right manner, and Bob will be the uncle – as simple as that. 

Here we are with the five practical tips for black women who dream about long hair: 

1. Over-Shampooing? No Way 

One of the major causes of broken, dry and brittle hair is over-shampooing. Black women should be aware of their hair type to make sure they understand how many times in a week they can use a reliable shampoo brand. 

It’s not true that shampooing hair will help you grow your hair fast. Yes, shampoo does give life to your hair, but that doesn’t mean you should have to use it whenever you take a bath.

Why Is My Hair Still Greasy After I Wash It?

Unless you use a medicated shampoo, all the other shampoos have some chemicals, and the overuse of those chemicals can be damaging for your hair. 

Many women start using shampoo more than what’s required to prevent hair fall, but, in reality, doing this can trigger hair fall rather than preventing it. 

2. Moisturization Is The Way Forward 

One of the things about black hair is that there are plenty of types with typical uniqueness. Whether you want to grow your hair or get rid of excessive hair fall, moisturization is the way forward. 

Make sure you invest in a reliable shampoo because when you shampoo hair, obviously, your hair gets cleaned, but the shampoo also strips away the oil that is responsible for hair hydration. 

Whats Does Moisturizer Do?

Once you shampoo your hair, there is no way you should forget about moisturizing them to prevent damage and breakage. 

It is recommended to condition your hair every time you shampoo them. Moreover, deep conditioning treatments are also available if you want to make your hair grow super-fast. Hair oils can do wonders for your hair growth, so take them into your considerations as well. 
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3. Avoid Hot Water & Rinse With Cool Water 

We all know how dangerous hot water can be for the skin because it is associated with skin dryness. The same goes for hair – hot water can damage your mane too. 

We always suggest our readers get creative and use cool water for rinsing hair because that’s the best possible way of closing up the cuticle and strengthen hair follicles. 

Avoid Hot Water & Rinse With Cool Water

But the thing with women is, not all of them can handle cold water. If you are one of them, warm water can be used to take a bath in place of hot water. The more you wash your hair with hot water, the more will be the hair fall. 

4. Limit Heat Styling 

It’s pretty trendy nowadays to use hot tools for hair styling, but make sure you limit using those tools to improve your hair’s lifespan. 

Whether we talk about hairdryers, blow dryers or styling irons, all of them can destroy your hair by making them dry and brittle. Dryness is what will eventually lead to hair breakage and shorter hair. 

Easy to use hair root volumizing clips can be the perfect option to style and volumize your hair. 

In case you really have to go for heat styling, don’t overheat the instrument and prefer the heat-protectant spray to make sure your hair growth doesn’t get affected because of it. It’s a wrong perception that styling cannot be executed most ingeniously without hot tools. Air-drying is probably one of the top-notch ways of giving you a hairstyle without causing any damage.  

5. A Scalp Massage Can Do Wonders

Yes, you have to take care of your hair most ingeniously, but make sure you don’t forget about the scalp – never. 

You might have heard that high-quality soil is needed to grow plants; in the same way, a healthy scalp can lay the foundation for healthy hair growth. Try any suitable oil, keeping in mind your hair type, and do a scalp massage. 

Is scalp massager good for you?

While having the massage, you’ll feel improvement in blood flow, and it can also have a significant effect on stress hormones. 

There is absolutely no need to go to a massage center because all you need to do is gently massage your scalp, and as a result of it, your hair growth will be stimulated. 

A soft and gentle massage can easily strengthen hair roots and provide nutrients to the hair follicle. A woman with dry hair can get a hair massage with the addition of a nutrient-rich oil to double the benefits. 
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Bottom Line :

No matter how good-looking you are, you need hair to stamp your authority in terms of your appearance. Many black women dream of long and healthy hair, and quite honestly, it can be achieved by following the aforementioned tips. 

So, what are you waiting for? Make your move; the clock is ticking!

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