Creative Under Stairs Storage Ideas How to Make Your Place Look Attractive

What can I do with the space under my stairs?

We all want our homes to look voguish and ultra-modern. It’s almost impossible to make the most use of the spaces we have inside our houses to make it desirable for every visitor. 

Have you thought about utilizing the space under the stairs? It’s one of the most ignored places, but with a bit of care and innovation, space can prove to be an asset in increasing the overall beauty of our place. 

Do you have creative ideas to make the most of this space? No? Don’t you worry at all.

Here are 12 clever under stair storage ideas that can make your place look as classy as possible:

Artful Display

We all want our homes to look ultra-stylish, don’t we? The artful display is one of the best ways of increasing the beauty of your place. 

If you know someone who’s planning artful displays, there are many gifts for new homeowners. It could be a fireworks wire string light, moonlight, floating lamp, etc. 

How to Make a Mini Library in Your Stairs

These gifts and gadgets can be placed in a particular style to make them look as classy as possible

Design A Cozy Reading Nook

Designing a cozy reading nook in a small living room or bedroom can be difficult to have for a homeowner. But we have got an idea for you. The space under stairs is an area you may not have utilized, and it can be a perfect reading nook for book lovers. 

How to Create the Perfect Cozy Reading Nook

All you need to add are some comfortable cushions and lighting. And your ridiculously cool reading nook will be ready in no time. Depending on the space you have, you can build a bench there, and you won’t leave this comfy place at all.

Make A Mini Library

Don’t you think having a library under the staircase is one of the coolest things to have? All you have to do is install a few cabinets or shelves and fill them with books and novels of your choice.

How Do You Make a Mini Library at Staircase

This way, you can turn this awkward space into a mini home library, and we bet you’ll get appreciation from each and every visitor. 

Not only can you use this place to keep your favorite books, but it can be used for the storage of your magazines and photo albums. 

Create A Kid’s Playroom

What if we tell you that the space under stairs can be converted into an astonishing kid’s playroom?  Your little ones will love playing there, and you can use it to store your essentials like books and magazines.

Amazing Ways to Create Magical Spaces for Kids

Make sure you have all the toys inside this playroom, and we are sure that your kids will spend most of their time inside this playroom. 

Make A Phone Booth And Charging Station

We all need a private space where we can take personal phone calls, don’t we? We suggest you utilize the space under the stairs as your phone booth. 

Make A Phone Booth And Charging Station

Charging smartphones and tablets is one of the most irritating tasks to be done because whenever there is a need for a charger, it gets misplaced at the same moment. 

So, no more worries in terms of charging your phone, because now you have your own phone booth and charging station. This particular space can also be used for some other electronic devices. 

Make Yourself A Dream Wine Room

Do you want a dream wine room inside your place but don’t have enough space to execute this concept? There is nothing to worry about. Your stairs space can be converted into a sensational wine room where you can easily display and store all of your wine collection. 

how to build a wine rack under stairs

It’s one of the modern-day innovations we need to have. Not only will it be a source of attraction for others, but it can make you save a lot of your space too.

Make An Under-Stair Bathroom

Are you thinking about utilizing the space under stairs in the best possible fashion? Don’t you have an eye-catching idea? We recommend you use this space to make an under-stair bathroom. 

Not only will it be a useful addition to your house, but it’ll turn every visitor’s eyeballs around. This idea is specifically for those homeowners who don’t have enough space to make more than one or two bathrooms. 

Can you put a bathroom under stairs?

So, no more worries about thinking about the shortage of bathrooms when guests are around.

Make A Small Pet Room

We all love seeing our pets hide inside a cozy place. Do you have pets, and are you struggling to find the best possible place to make a pet room? Don’t you worry, as we have a fantastic solution for you? 

 Awesome Under Stair pet  House Ideas

The place under stairs can be an iconic option as a pet room. It can be a mini home for your pet, and all you need to do is place some toys and pet dishes there. If you want to make it look ultra-impressive, place a small door or a gate in front of this pet room.

Put Together A Coat Closet

Most homeowners complain that they don’t have enough space to store their clothes. Have you ever thought about the space under the stairs? That can be used as a coat closet. 

The best thing about utilizing this space is, you don’t have to do anything extravagant. Few shelves, hangers, and hooks can make the job done for you. 

 Awesome Under Stair Pet  House Ideas

You cannot only use this place to store your clothes, but it can also be used to place your accessories like bags, watches, etc. To make it look super-cool, add a front door to this closet.

Make A Cheerful Home Office

Not every house has enough space to make a home office, but we have a unique idea for you. Have you thought about utilizing the space under stairs in the best possible fashion? 

 under stairs Make A Cheerful Home Office

Here, you can place a nice sturdy chair, a table, and your laptop. To make it look cheerful, we recommend you have some extra shelves to give this space an office look. 

You can sit here for hours and work without getting disturbed by your family members. 

Under Stairs Hidden Storage Drawers

Homeowners always find it difficult to make drawers other than bedrooms. Families always need extra compartments to store their goods. Space under the stair can be used to make those compartments where you can place crafts, kitchenware, medicines, etc. 

How do I put drawers under stairs?

Your kids can store their toys there, and they don’t have to find their toys from here and there, courtesy of these drawers.

Vintage Cabinet

Don’t you have enough storage places inside your home? Space under stairs can be used for storage purposes by creating a vintage cabinet. In that cabinet, you can place decorative pieces, towels, carpets, clothes, etc. 

Vintage Cabinet

However, you can make this place desirable for every newcomer by placing a rug along with a cozy armchair. Not only can the place be used for storage purposes, but you can relax there too.

Moreover, it’s one of the most ingenious ways of getting this space into use in the best possible fashion.


Under stair storage or decoration ideas can make a place more desirable. There is no need to invest a lot here because a bit of creativity and innovation will be more than good enough to give your place a classy look. 

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