Please Adopt Us – We Are 5 Friendly Wolf-Inspired Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds That Can Defeat a Wolf

Not to brag, but we as a species are fascinating animals. Our loyalty to humans goes
beyond life and death. We are intelligent and loving which makes us the perfect animal
to a pet for both the beginners and the expert. Some of us resemble our ancestors, wolf,
naturally, while humans specially breed others to have appearances of wolves. The traits
of our ancestors make us very exotic animals.
Let me share with you all that this friendly wolf- like dog breeds told about

Siberian Husky Dog Breed

I am sure that the first name that comes to your mind while thinking about wolf-like
breeds is a Siberian Husky. Yes, that’s me. I am a perfect family-friendly breed to pet
with a resemblance to wolves but exhibit all the characteristics of a pet dog.
With my cute beady eyes, I am always the center of attention and have to deal with the
paparazzi constantly.
I shed a lot of hair, so you have to be prepared to take serious actions for that. You
humans cannot take me into hot areas. I came from a cold region, and I prefer to be in
similar neighborhoods.
Let me remind you that I am a high-energy dog that needs a good amount of time every
day to play and act freely. It helps me to be more friendly and stay in a good mood.
Adopting me will give your children a best friend who they can play with and rely on for
their safety as well.

What Can a Siberian Husky Do?

The German Shepherd Is a Good Family Dog

I have heard enough about huskies and their crossbreed because I have the most
distinctive wolf-like aesthetics, and it is about time that humans take me seriously.
I am best known for my bravery, loyalty and guarding instincts. I might look like a wolf,
but I am very friendly and obedient. All I need is a little training by my human owner,
and I am all his to command.
You must have seen me as a Police and Military Dog, which testifies my intelligence and
alert senses. I am an ideal rescue and guide dog for blind people, which reflects in my
If I am given socialization training early, I become very good friends with children and
other pets.
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The German Shepherd Is a Good Family Dog

Saarloos Wolfdogs Are Good Pets

I am sure the first time you take a look at me, you will think that I am a wolf but don’t let
your eyes misguide you. Although I am a cross between a German shepherd and a wolf,
it does not make me a wild animal.
My appearance might look tough to humans, but I am not at all aggressive. This lack of
aggressiveness makes us poor watchdogs, but we are best to adopt as friends and
companions for your family.
We prefer acreages over apartment life because of our active nature that wants us to be
independent and free to move. We are well suited for cold climates and can easily live
I shed a lot of hair regularly, so you must come prepared with a vacuum cleaner. I love
being groomed by brush which is also a great way of reducing shedding and will also
make my skin soft and clean.

Where to Find a Saarloos Wolfdog in Alaska

What Is a Blue Bay Shepherd?

I am a crossbreed that resulted from the crossing of a sixth-generation wolfdog and a
Blue German Shepherd. I have the characteristics that every dog owner wants in their
I depict friendly attributes like being affectionate, gentle, and playful towards humans.
If you have livestock and live at a farm, I should be the first animal to come to your mind
to pet since I am extremely trustworthy around the livestock, and the vast farmlands can
fulfill my activeness.
My wolf-line background has played a significant role in making my appearance closer
to wolves. I have blue fur, which is unique among dogs, and shining eyes in light brown,
blue, or green colors. I am an interesting breed to pet, and to know everything about me,
the blue bay shepherd fact sheet should be your go-to read.

What Is a Blue Bay Shepherd

Tamaskan Wolf Dog Information

Now that you have heard all about Siberian Huskies, it’s time you get to know me as
What makes me a wolf-like breed? The answer is my thick coat, straight and bushy tail,
along with nose and ears that resemble wolves.
I fear being left alone, so I prefer humans who have extra time to spend with me. I am a
crossbreed result of crossing between malamutes and huskies. So, my innate active
temperament is natural. I am expecting a lot of fetch and playtime with my owner
because I am a high-energy pooch.
I am a good watchdog with strong protective instincts for my territory. In search of a
a friendly and loving family that meets my social interaction expectancies, I can either be
a house pet or a security dog.

How Much Are Tamaskan Puppies

Bottom Line

We dogs are either bred to develop certain characteristics or have natural ones that
resemble wolves. It has made our appearance wolf-like, but our personality and
temperament traits still resemble that of a normal house dog. We are friendly and
always look for a caring and gentle owner that either lives alone or with his family. We
can be playful, watchdog, and much more than that.
If you want to know more about such rare dog types, let us know. Also, don’t forget to visit our pets category to find unique pooches for your pet family.

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