Tips for Getting Ready in a Rush- Nails Done, Makeup Done, Hair Done in 20 Minutes

How To Get Ready In Rush - Nails Done in 20 Minutes

Dear ladies, are you tired of hearing complaints from your boyfriend or husband about taking a lot of time to get ready for an important event or a close friend’s party? Well, not anymore. 

We have gathered a list of hacks and tips that will enable you to be in your stunning attire for the evening in merely 20 minutes. 

Keep maximum concentration from here onwards, or else you will be an hour late to the event.

Face Essentials To Follow

Your face is the most prominent and noticeable part of your body, so why not make the most use of it and let your personality be addressed through it. Wondering how? 

Let us ease your thoughts by suggesting a few things to do. 

First of all, rinse your face properly with plenty of water. It will ensure that no dirt or dust particles are left on it, blocking your skin pores. 

Next, you need to wash it with a special facial cleanser and not your random all-body soap. 

This chore takes a maximum of 2 minutes. So, you still got plenty of time from the 20 minutes you had at the start.

Quick Tip: After you are done washing the face, let it dry naturally. Using a towel is unhealthy for your skin and can cause acne or pimple problems, which can ruin your evening.

Give Your Nails A Dream Look

Acing the event demands a higher standard of your physical appearance, making others around you go into an awestruck zone. It might sound difficult to achieve, but it isn’t and as a start, give your nails a fine but quick treatment. 

Since you’ll be meeting and greeting everyone at the event, your hands are the first thing anyone would notice.
Quick Tip: Use a nail kit to beautify your nails and leave a long-lasting impression on others. To get faster results, dry the acrylic and hard gel under UV light and get strong and almost natural nails.

Make Flawless Hair 

If you are in a hurry washing your hair can be a good practice to look fabulous at any event. But if you have even lesser time, the easiest way of giving your hair a refreshing look is by using dry shampoo

Easy to apply, this item has been on the go-to list of women getting ready in a hurry. 

Do you have curly, greasy, or dry hair? No matter which one of these, the dry shampoo will be effective for all.

Choose effortless yet elegant hairstyles that you have mastered making in less time. It will save more time, and you will be able to get ready quickly. 

Quick Tip: A simple bun or ponytails are often chosen as a quick hairstyle option while straightening hair is a time-consuming chore avoided in moments of rush.

Oral Hygiene

Maintaining your oral hygiene is equally important as any other part of getting ready. Who would want to smell bad while breathing and show yellow teeth while laughing? No one!  

So ensure to keep good oral health as your daily routine and not just for any particular event. Give yourself some time to brush and floss your teeth to make them look presentable.

Quick tip: You can quickly rinse your mouth with mouth wash to give you a freshening breath and be more attractive.

Oral Hygiene Dental


Choose An Appropriate Dress And Accessories

The best way of overcoming your less-time-more-things-to-do problem is to have a wardrobe ready at every time. It will lower the burden of ironing the evening’s attire and make you efficient than usual.

The choice of dress should match the occasion to not feel the odd one out at the party. Instead of experimenting, what top goes best with which bottom, choose a slinky wrap dress or a shift dress that never goes out of style. 

Accessories are a significant part of getting dressed up for any occasion. 

Things like a hand-carrying clutch, earrings, or bracelet are a great way of elevating your fashion sense and adding more charm to your personality with minute effort.

Quick Tip: Wear bright spring clothing with floral prints to achieve a more vibrant and breezy appearance in summers.

How to Choose an Appropriate Dress and Accessories

Makeup Touchup

In case of hurry, where you cannot spend time on every feature of your face, ensure that your eyes are strong enough to leave a lasting impact on others. 

Let your eyes steal the glam of the night by applying a thin layer of mascara and using easy-to-apply eye makeup.

You should adopt a makeup routine that makes you look gorgeous yet is simple and convenient to put, followed by a tint of exquisiteness through intense and smoking eye makeup, especially for events.

A simple red gloss for your dry lips can be the most suitable color for parties and hangouts with friends. 

Quick Tip: Use a BB cream instead of foundation and moisturizer to see immediate results and be ready in a matter of minutes.

Makeup to Bring to Touchup with

Bottom Line

The secret to getting ready in merely 20 minutes is to know what to do and how to do it. Instead of spending most of your time thinking, start your getting-ready routine and bring changes to it along the way. Use products that are easy-to-apply and show immediate results to be right on time and never hear a word about being late. 

The next time you are running short of time to get dressed for a party, keep in mind the points mentioned above.  

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