5 Easy-To-Execute Ideas to Attract Rare Birds to My Garden

What Are the Best Birds to Attract to Your Yard?

It’s always frustrating for backyard birders to have a few species of birds in their yard when there are hundreds of them in the world.Have you got yourself disappointed ever because of this particular issue? Hold your horses; we are here to help you out. 

It’s actually pretty easy and straightforward to attract rare species of birds to your backyard. Load your garden with facilities likes a water bath, food, shelter, and you’ll see birds coming to your yard which you haven’t seen before. 

Let’s talk about 5 easy-to-execute ideas to bring rare birds to your garden. 
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Is It Worth Having a Bird Feeder?

One of the first things you need to do to bring more birds to your lawn is to invest in bird feeders. Birds are man’s feathered friends, so make sure you take care of your friends in the most exceptional manner. We all know what’s the most basic need for survival – it’s the food. 

Do bird feeders make a mess?

Rather than creating a single feeder, why don’t you go for multiple feeders to convert one corner of your garden to a feeding station? Do you know that bird feeders come in various styles? And it’s up to you to choose them, keeping in mind your targeted species. 

Let us explain it with the help of an example. 

Cardinals, Blue Jays, Juncos are ground feeders, and on the other hand, finches and nuthatches like to gravitate to hanging feeders. So, it’s important to get to know the preferences of different birds. 

How High Should Nesting Boxes Be Off the Ground?

One of the most ingenious ways of bringing rare species of birds to your yard is to have nesting boxes in it. There is no doubt that birds like natural cavities for nesting; however, a reasonably good-designed nesting box can also do wonders for them. 

Should Nesting Boxes Be Off the Ground

Pro Tip: Nesting boxes should be according to the size and specifications of the targeted species. 

It’s great to go for nesting boxes, but make sure you clean them and take care of them for the survival of the birds. Once your garden has a nesting option that is appropriate for birds, they’ll surely start coming back again and again to your garden. 

Place to Put a Bird Bath

It’s absolutely right that you need to provide food and shelter to birds to attract them to your yard. However, they also have some other requirements as well. They need water for drinking purposes and to take a bath. 
So, installing a water source will lure more birds to your garden. 

Where Do You Place a Bird Bath?

How about you invest in a solar-operated fountain for a backyard? The moving water sound will serve as a magnet for birds, and they’ll surely come for a little inspection. 

How cool will it be to see birds taking a bath in front of you while you are having a nice chat with your friends and family members? Iconic! One of the many reasons a water feature can be a perfect addition to your garden is because you don’t have to maintain it every now and then. 

Should Only Native Plants Be Grown in Garden?

Just like animals, birds love to be wherever they can find food and shelter. How about you choose shrubs and trees that are loaded with berries and provide protective cover too? 

Is It Ok to Grow Non-Native Plants?

We bet doing this will bring a lot of bird species to your backyard. The reason we are suggesting you go with native plants is that non-native plants can disturb the local ecology.

Make sure you go for plantings keeping in mind the seasons, so birds can relax naturally. Birds generally like feasting on the berries, nuts, and seeds. So, make sure you have all of them in your garden, and birds will be more than happy to be your guests. 

Go For A Bird-Friendly Landscape 

Have you ever thought about creating a bird-friendly landscape to attract various species of birds to your yard? No? You’re missing something really important. If you want to host birds, prove yourself a god host by planting trees, bushes, and flowers for them. 

Moreover, birds need food, water, and shelter for their survival, and if your backyard has what it takes to satisfy their needs, you’ll definitely find them in it. 

The best thing about a bird-friendly landscape is that it doesn’t demand you to empty your pocket. All you need to do is think creatively for birds, and they’ll end up in your yard one way or other.  

It’s childish to expect birds to your home garden without having any facilities for them. 

Bottom Line :

Bird-friendly backyard makeover is pretty easy and straightforward. 

Once you manage to make your yard desirable for birds, they’ll come in large numbers – that’s for sure. We hope you have enjoyed reading this article, and it has helped you know how to make your backyard attractive for rare bird species. 

Let’s execute the aforementioned ideas right now.
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