A stunning new breed is the Lycan shepherd

Do Lycan Shepherds Shed?

 What is Lycan shepherd?-

There are many types of lycan shepherds that you have seen, lycan shepherd is a dog having light eyes and is a stunning dark dog. Lycan Shepherd is also known as a blue bay shepherd. Lyan shepherd is developed by the breeding from blue bay shepherds and called as a new stunning breed. Another name of the lycan shepherd is Belgian Malinois and working line German shepherds. The main focus is to produce such type of dogs that have superior intelligence, looks like a wolf and have a dependable disposition.

Lycan shepherd dog:-

Lycan Shepherd  Dog

People are more interested to learn about the up-and-coming breeds and the lycan shepherd is one of them that are produced to cause a quiet stir. Lycan shepherd dog is a new breed that is in the very early stages of development. Lycan shepherd dogs are a combination of Belgian malinois, German shepherd, and blue bay shepherds. Lycan Shepherd is known as the new breed because any of the breed traits from the parent and original one are transfer in the new one or puppies. They are composed of wolf dogs and we can see the unpredictable features in them.

The founder of the lycan shepherd is working totally to remove the aggression and shyness from them and produce a new one shepherd dog. As researcher has noted the potential aggression in German shepherds and Belgian malinois. Aggression is not an undesirable trait in many lycan shepherds because they can protect your home and you. They have loyalty as they belong to a loyal family that we desire.

Characteristics of lycan shepherd:-

Here is a list of the features that a lycan shepherd should have is given below:-

  • The lycan shepherd dog is bred to have a large size of the brain according to the size of their body, they have more problem-solving ability and a high level of intelligence.
  • Lycan shepherd should look like the wolf having a dark coat, with light eyes and a large size heads. Their ears should be small as compared to the German shepherds.
  • Lycan shepherds should have the ability to obedience to the people, they should have a wolf-like intelligence and loyal towards their owner.

AKC is on-demand in which registration is compulsory. Before a line is considered a breed reliable and desirable traits should be passed on to the new generation of lycan shepherds. The founder of the lycan shepherd is working on it as they see there are fewer cases that their breeds are registered with AKC. A lycan shepherd dog is developed more than 20 years before but still has not an AKC registration. Blue bay shepherds are ordinated from the wolf dogs and blue old German shepherd dogs of the Europe line from France. These dogs have blue coloration and are not present in the German shepherds.

Lycan shepherd breeds:-

How Many Lycan Shepherds Are There?

The puppies that we get from the lycan shepherds dogs and wolf dogs are the foundation for blue bay shepherds. To eliminate the pure wolf blue shepherd is the breed with the wolf dogs five generations. Then the blue bay to blue bay was again bred. There would be no chances to add more wolves for the development of the breed. All the desirable features regarding the appearance and intelligence of the wolves remain.

Lycan shepherd puppies for sale have a certificate and a proper identifying number and also have a signed registration from the side of the founder of lycan shepherd dog. If the dog is without this certificate is not considered as the blue bay shepherd.

The appearance of lycan shepherd: _

Lycan shepherd dog should have a wolf-like appearance having a dark blue coat with colored eyes. They have long and smooth hair around their mane and lush. They have a blue to the black coat. Lycan shepherd is medium to large and the breeds are known as German shepherds that are originated from Germany. This dog is famous due to its protectiveness over the house and family members. lycan shepherd is known as the active dogs and is more suitable for search missions. You can use them as working dogs.

Lycan shepherd dog is a mixture of the three breeds; this dog maybe containing the blue bays traits, Belgian malinois, and German shepherds traits. The main focus is to create an intelligent dog breed that has a stunning hair coat and gorgeous wolf appearance that attracts people. Lycan shepherd is turning a new branded breed of dogs in such a way to revive the recognition and popularity.

Lycan shepherd puppies for sale:-

Lycan Shepherd Puppies

Lycan shepherd puppies are for sale, all pups are guaranteed. Lycan shepherd puppies are friendly animals with good temperaments. You can get your favorite one between the $2,000 and $3,500 cost. The cost of these puppies depends upon the work that has been done on them in producing the new breed. The cost is associated with the housing of the foundation stock and its care. The price of lycan shepherd puppies is much high because of their color because it is rare.

Lycan Shepherd breeder: _

Lycan Shepherd Breeder

Lycan shepherd is a brand new breed that looks like the wolf’s appearance and is so rare. Lycan shepherd names remember with the lycanthrope that means a human that can transform itself into the full wolf and few traits are of the wolf. The lycan shepherd breeder is considered as the part of lycan shepherd project that was founded by an animal warden and a dog breeder. The main purpose to display these dogs to show the desirable appearance and temperament traits that are dominant in the breeder. They have a large size brain according to the size of their body and look gorgeous just like a wolf. There are three breeds of the lycan shepherd breeder that are given below:-

  • Blue bay shepherd
  • Working line German shepherd
  • Belgian malinois

According to the AKC estimate, German shepherd dog breeds are considered is 2nd most famous companion canine in the US. The German shepherd dog is bred due to its temperament and having good personality traits, they have problem-solving abilities, high intellectual capabilities, trustworthiness, and many other fantastic characteristics that we cannot get from the other dogs.

Whereas according to the AKC Estimate Belgian Malinois is considered as less known rather than German shepherd dog.

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